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Cold pressed sesame oil

Cold pressed sesame oil

Cold pressed sesame oil from KPS Natura are extremely useful as they are utilized for different causes. Normally Sesame oil is known by name “gingelly oil”. This has many incredible properties and is likewise exceptionally nourishing.

Rich in Vitamin E and B complex alongside different minerals like calcium, protein, magnesium and phosphorus, KPS Natura’s Cold Pressed Sesame Oil can be called as beautifying oil based on the Medical advantages, body strength and skin and hair improvements that is provided by this oil.

At KPS Natura, we carefully extract our cold pressed sesame oil atmost characteristic way so no compromise is made on extravagance or the nature of the cold pressed sesame oil. Aside from the gentle, nutty kind of sesame oil, KPS Natura’s cold pressed sesame oil contains a higher extent of unsaturated fats than sesame oil got from refining process.

Benifits of cold pressed sesame oil:

  • Fast engrossing & Non-sticky – light and non-sticky to use
  • Effective for old people with Diabetics and Blood pressure – Helps in keeping blood sugar and blood pressure under control.
  • Massaging oil – Revitalizes and smooth-ens skin
  • Oil pulling – To decrease inflammation that happens in the body. Harmful toxins are removed from this process.
  • Repairs damaged hair – graying, breakage and damage in hair could be controlled by consistent use of this oil
  • Facilitates bone growth – Reduces weakness of bones and increases bone growth tendency.

Enjoy your food with our best cooking oil range and keep your family healthy



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