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Cold pressed groundnut oil

Cold pressed groundnut oil

Cold pressed groundnut oil from KPS Natura is far better than standard groundnut oils. Due to such a significant number of causes as it has many incredible properties and is likewise exceptionally nourishing. Among the most beneficial cooking oils that are valuable to people, groundnut oil couldn’t be missed.

KPS Natura brings you a light and alleviating wood pressed groundnut oil to fix damaged skin and hair. KPS Natura’s cold pressed groundnut oil is rich with nutrient. Also has supplements like protein, potassium, fiber, sodium, carbohydrates, calcium and wealth of vitamins. With rich presence of antioxidant properties and good fats. KPS Natura’s cold pressed groundnut oil also promotes fertility, boosts memory, and regulates blood sugar.

KPS Natura brings to you 100% natural wood pressed groundnut oil.

At KPS Natura, we carefully extract our cold pressed ground oil atmost characteristic way so no compromise is made on extravagance or the nature of the wood pressed groundnut oil. Aside from the gentle, nutty kind of ground oil, KPS Natura’s wood pressed groundnut oil contains a higher extent of unsaturated fats than groundnut oil got from refining process.

Benifits of our cold pressed groundnut oil:

  • Boosts heart health – heart complications are kept away when you use KPS Natura’s cold pressed groundnut oil
  • Controls cholesterol levels – controls bad fat from accumulating in the body
  • Reduces risk of Type II diabetics – on regular usage diabetic patients could notice improvement in levels of insulin in the body.
  • Reduces risk of gallstones – controls sediment formation thereby reducing the risk of gallstones
  • Lowers blood pressure – cold pressed groundnut oil lowers blood pressure thereby reduces the risk of heart diseases
  • Aids in preventing cancer– presence of cancer cells can be cut down from body by usage of our cold pressed groundnut oil
  • Boosts immune system – consumed in right procedure groundnut oil will increase immune system
  • Rejuvenates and smoothens skin

Enjoy your food with our best cooking oil range and keep your family healthy



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