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Best cooking oil for health

Best cooking oil for health

How to prepare best cooking oil for Health?

Best cooking  Oil is heated up to 230 degree centigrade and that surely involves harmful chemicals and oxidants.The modern method of oil extraction (refining) is purely automated but it extraction involves a lot of heat.In addition to supply of heat, the manufactures also add preservatives and other chemicals to increase the shelf life of oils.
Consistent usage of such refined oils which has is based on heating and adding additives and solvents can lead to various health issues and vitamin deficiency.To avoid such a condition of poor immunity and health conditions, we at KPS Natura have come up with various types of cold pressed and wood pressed oil that can be a healthy substitute to your current cooking oil which is undoubtedly refined.

  1. They hold healthy anti-oxidants that are generally destroyed by heat. These anti-oxidants battle harmful free radicals and prevent the development of tumors.
  2. KPS Natura’s Cold pressedsesame oil is generally wealthy in Vitamin E, which has mitigating, mending properties.
  3. KPS Natura’s Cold pressed coconut oil contains a considerable measure of medium chain triglycerides which have therapeutic effects on several brain disorders.
  4. KPS Natura’s Coldpressed groundnut oil helps in keeping heart capacities flawless, alongside nutrients and minerals. Groundnuts, with their high Niacin (of the Vitamin B family) content, help balance out blood sugars.

Make sure to purchase naturally sourced cold pressed oils from KPS Natura that are free of pesticides to receive the full benefits of cold pressing. We at KPS Natura make sure that our oils are useful for your heart, your general prosperity, and you family will be glad!

Enjoy your food with our best cooking oil range and keep your family healthy



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